Computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations don't end with the fluid flow prediction. Benefiting from the prediction requires post-processing that gives users complete insight into their fluid dynamics simulation results. ANSYS CFD-Post software, the common post-processor for all ANSYS fluid dynamics products, gives users everything they need to visualize and analyze their results.

Within a modern and intuitive user interface, ANSYS CFD-Post software sets no limits on creativity when generating powerful images to illustrate the flow in any desired level of detail.From vector plots and streamlines to vortex cores and flow animations, ANSYS CFD-Post software provides users all the tools they need to produce insightful solution visualizations, including 3-D images. These high-quality visuals are invaluable in communicating results to colleagues and customers by helping to explain and provide an understanding of complex flow phenomena.

Pressure contours on a F1 car

ANSYS CFD-Post software allows multiple solution datasets to be loaded simultaneously, significantly easing the comparison of different design alternatives or operating conditions. Results, including those for fluid structure interaction (FSI), can be examined side-by-side with synchronized views, as well as with synchronized time for transient simulations. Additionally, differences between two results can be computed and analyzed both visually and quantitatively.

Comparison of two different cases to understand the flow behavior better