RMxprt is a template-based electrical machine design tool that provides fast, analytical calculations of machine performance and 2-D and 3-D geometry creation for detailed finite element calculations in ANSYS Maxwell.

Designers of electrical machines and generators can enhance ANSYS Maxwell with ANSYS RMxprt, a template-based, design tool. Together Maxwell and RMxprt create a truly customized machine design flow to meet market demand for higher efficiency, lower cost machines. Using classical analytical motor theory and equivalent magnetic circuit methods, RMxprt can calculate machine performance, make initial sizing decisions, and perform hundreds of "what if" analyses in a matter of seconds. RMxprt can then automatiScally set up the complete Maxwell project (2-D/3-D) including geometry, materials, boundary conditions including the appropriate symmetries, and excitations with coupling circuit topology for rigorous electromagnetic transient analysis.