Consumer expectations for home appliances are high: Users demand that a given product will perform day in and day out — and last for many years. Repairs are a major inconvenience, as anyone who has seen laundry pile up while waiting for a service call can tell you. A reputation for reliability is a key product selling point.

Though reliability is king, consumers have come to expect products that are easier to use, are smaller in size but maximize capacity, are packed with value-added features, consume less energy and emit less noise. Comfort, safety and aesthetics round out the list of desirable qualities.

ANSYS tools can help companies meet these consumer challenges in a wide range of subindustries.

  • Bathroom appliances
  • Kitchen and laundry appliances
  • Do-it-yourself garden and power tools
  • HVAC appliances
  • Motor design
  • Office equipment
  • Whole-house devices and appliances
Complete washing machine system Courtesy V-Zug AG.