Automotive Electronics

Almost half the value of next-generation automobiles is expected to come from onboard electronics and electromechanical components. Manufacturers in this industry are using advanced electronics within sophisticated engine and safety controls and electric/hybrid electric drives as well as in the design of navigation, audio systems and LED lighting. As a result, automotive electronics engineers face a variety of design challenges.

The ANSYS product suite is ideal for use in automotive electronic and electromechanical design.

Engineers must design products that will survive in harsh operating conditions, such as significant swings in humidity levels and large temperature variations that range from 50 degrees C to -20 degrees C. In addition, products must demonstrate relatively long product lifecycles. The auto industry is governed by high safety and reliability standards. And finally, there are stringent weight restrictions due to the demand for reduced fuel consumption.

ANSYS offers automotive electronics designers a variety of engineering simulation tools that address the multiple physics problems inherent to component and system design.