Cars & Light Trucks

Auto companies build and sell cars and trucks in hundreds of locations around the world; as a result, globalization affects them perhaps more than in any other industry. With the demand for the development of sophisticated hybrid–electric vehicles and electric vehicles, the industry is moving away from its direct dependence on fossil fuels. The new mandate for electric powertrain technology is increased fuel efficiency with fewer emissions, which can be achieved by improving vehicle aerodynamics and transmissions as well as by keeping vehicle weight as low as possible. If the conventional powertrain is replaced in the near future by an electric powertrain, the car will become more an electric machine than a mechanical one.

Flow pathlines colored by velocity magnitude around a car body
Detached eddy simulation of truck aerodynamics

Simulation technology is critical, and it can differentiate the leaders from the followers in this time of revolutionary change. Time lines for vehicle development are shorter than ever before. Simulation compresses the development cycle, enabling testing of components or systems to identify trouble spots and take measures to improve the product.