Computer & Storage Devices

Engineers who design computers — desktop, laptop and tablet devices as well as high-end servers and supercomputers — face a number of challenges: increasing power density, a continued demand for air cooling, and the need to reduce device size, weight and noise pollution. Since the computer industry is a highly competitive market, engineers operate within very short design cycles, often interfacing with suppliers and partner networks that span the globe.

In the storage device industry, companies focus on component design including disk and hard disk drives, DRAM memory modules and integrated systems like networking storage devices. Challenges include electronics cooling mechanical reliability and the need to simulate complicated phenomena like disk drive flutter. The highly competitive market segment is experiencing a continued drive for size, weight, and power use and cost reduction.

Application Areas:

  • Electromagnetics
  • Mechanical & Thermomechanical
  • Thermal Management
  • Power Management
Electric field distribution on PCB calculated by ANSYS SIwave