Consumer Electronics

Consumer electronics encompasses a wide range of products: smartphones, game consoles, flat-screen TVs, stereos, portable music players, cameras, e-readers and portable telecommunication devices, among many others. Product engineers in this industry must meet the high demand for innovation in both product aesthetic design and functionality. Limitations include reduced power consumption, miniaturization and weight reduction. And in general, the consumer electronics industry is highly competitive with a very short design cycle.

Laptop electromagnetic interference

To give a product design its best chance for success, engineering and design teams must accurately predict how complex components will behave in a real-world environment — one that changes continuously and involves the interaction of multiple types of physics. Only multiphysics simulation tools allows users to create virtual prototypes of their designs operating under such real-world conditions, predicting the interactions between structural mechanics, heat transfer, fluid flow and electromagnetics. Furthermore, the best simulation processes go beyond solving problems to developing innovative solutions.

ANSYS provides technology with unparalleled depth and breadth to help organizations shorten the design cycle as well as reduce costs, design uncertainty and the need for extensive testing. The simulation tools are integrated across a wide array of physics.