Defense & Aerospace Electronics

Electric field patterns of two roof mounted antennas performed

In the defense and aerospace sectors, companies design advanced electronics systems such as avionics, fly-by-wire controls and airborne communications. Electronics components are used in a variety of other applications, including surveillance and radar, antennas, guidance systems, and unmanned aerial vehicles (UMAVs).

Engineers in the industry face challenges related to harsh operating conditions, which include significant swings in humidity levels and large temperature variations ranging from 50 degrees C to -20 degrees C. Furthermore, electronics products must meet the industry’s high safety and reliability standards, strong weight restriction targets, reduced fuel consumption mandates and long product lifecycle expectations.

Electric field pattern of blade antenna mounted on underside
of fighter aircraft

The breadth and depth of ANSYS software means that companies can easily conduct comprehensive multiphysics simulation and enable cross-disciplinary product design and optimization. Technology from ANSYS reduces the need for physical prototyping and product testing through virtual simulation, expediting design and development and enabling companies to get their products to market much faster.

ANSYS offers electronics designers a variety of engineering simulation tools that address problems encountered in the defense and aerospace vertical segment.