Electronics & Semi-Conductor

The electronics industry has dramatically transformed the way we communicate, work, learn and entertain. The effects can be seen in new and evolving products, such as chips with nanometer-scale transistors, ultra-smart phones, fiber optic and wireless communication networks, and computers that fit into a shirt pocket. The leap in electronics capabilities is driving innovation at many industries, including automotive, aerospace and energy.

In the global electronics arena, engineers face conflicting requirements to increase product functionality while reducing size and weight, lowering energy consumption and complying with stricter government regulations. Pressures from all sides are compounded by shrinking design cycles to meet narrowing windows of business opportunity.

To address the challenges, ANSYS provides multiphysics and multiscale engineering simulation tools. The suite includes tools for thermal management, mechanical design and reliability, signal and power integrity, EMI/EMC, and high-speed circuit and electromechancial system simulation.

Electronics & Semiconductor