Empowering Young Engineers Program

Teaching – 255 hours

Guided/Defined Self Learning – 400+ hours

A powerful program that focuses on 3 essential components of CAE, namely:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Facts of numerical methods
  • Simulation technology

Learning is achieved with strict adherence to Bloom’s Taxonomy and characterized by innovative methods such as:

  • Critical thinking (For innovative engineering judgement)
  • Engineering wheels
  • Ready parameterized hand calculations
  • Emphasis on engineering justification
  • Knowledge summary via memory maps and hand out’s
  • 40 hours of video lectures (Theory and Simulation) available for revision.
  • Detailed competency measurement and mapping
Differentiator Description
Advanced simulation, with due emphasis on Lifing, Reliability and Optimization Real time case studies on:
  • Composites
  • Joint technology
  • Elements of Rotordynamics
Product familiarity and design improvisation Sessions on defect investigation and problem coining
Comprehensive monitoring of learning at every stage Evaluated at every phase of learning

Learning Cycle: A typical Week of 24 weeks Learning

Course Structure: 4 Step process

Step1:Pre-assessment test
Step2:Fundamental theory & Simulation
Step3:Advanced Generalized Learning
Step4:Post graduate diploma in CAE