Explicit Dynamics

Baseball bat made of composite materials Highly non-linear deformation of a CV joint boot

The design of products that need to survive impacts or short-duration high-pressure loadings can be greatly improved with the use of ANSYS explicit dynamics solutions. These specialized problems require advanced analysis tools to accurately predict the effect of design considerations on product response to severe loadings. Understanding such complex phenomena is especially important when it is too expensive — or impossible — to perform physical testing. 

The ANSYS explicit dynamics product suite helps you gain insight into the physics of short-duration events for products that undergo highly nonlinear, transient dynamic events. These specialized, accurate and easy-to-use tools have been designed to maximize productivity.

With the ANSYS explicit dynamics products, you can study how a structure responds when subjected to severe loadings. Algorithms based on first principles accurately predict responses, such as large material deformations and failure, and interactions between bodies and fluids with rapidly changing surfaces.

ANSYS Explicit str

Fan Blade failure Electrical Plug insertion

Based on the robust and time-tested Lagrange (Structural) solver of the ANSYS AUTODYN analysis program, ANSYS Explicit STR software is fully integrated into the unified ANSYS Workbench environment. This framework enables convenient and seamless use of a range of multiphysics solutions, including electrical, thermal, mechanical and computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

ANSYS Explicit STR extends the range of problems that can be conveniently and easily solved by the powerful ANSYS mechanical suite by efficiently and accurately simulating short-duration severe loadings and complex contact problems. The graphical user interface for Explicit STR is the same as for ANSYS Mechanical software. Users will find that setting up problems is even easier than for the mechanical suite as contact surfaces are handled automatically and need not be defined. Sophisticated, material models can simply be selected from the explicit material library without having to specify any of the properties. Highly transient phenomena can easily be modeled with detailed resolution of the materials response.

ANSYS Explicit STR is well suited to a number of different types of problems including:

  • Drop tests (electronics and consumer goods)
  • Low- to high-speed solid-to-solid impacts (applications from sporting goods to aerospace)
  • Highly nonlinear plastic buckling events (manufacturing processes)
  • Complete material failure applications (defense and homeland security)
  • Breakable contact, such as adhesives or spot welds (electronics and automotive)

ANSYS Autodyn

Armor design for a Humvee Drop test of a filled five-gallon water bottle

Engineering simulation can help Improve the survivability of buildings, vehicles, soldiers and police personnel. Using ANSYS Autodyn engineers can design and virtually test simple and complex active armor to protect troops in battle from improvised explosive devices (IED), rocket-propelled grenades, shaped charges and other threats. This same software used to model space debris impact on satellites, can also be used to design common liquid containers such as water and detergent bottles. Using ANSYS Autodyn can help you improve a wide variety of products, reduce their cost and most importantly decrease time to market.

ANSYS Autodyn software is a versatile explicit analysis tool for modeling the nonlinear dynamics of solids, fluids, gases and their interactions. The product has been developed to provide advanced capabilities within a robust, easy-to-use software tool. Simulation projects can be completed with significantly less effort, less time and lower labor costs than with other explicit programs. This high productivity is a result of the easy-to-use, quick-to-learn, intuitive, interactive graphical interface implemented. Time and effort are saved in problem setup and analysis by automatic options to define contact, by coupling interfaces and by minimizing input requirements using safe logical defaults.
The solver technology in ANSYS Autodyn provides:

  • Finite element solvers for computational structural dynamics (FE)
  • Finite volume solvers for fast transient computational fluid dynamics (CFD)
  • Mesh-free particle solvers for high velocities, large deformation and fragmentation (SPH)
  • Multi-solver coupling for multiphysics solutions including coupling between FE, CFD and SPH
  • A wide suite of material models incorporating constitutive response and coupled thermodynamics
  • Serial and parallel computation on shared and distributed memory systems