Food & Beverage

Food manufacturing is complex because of the inherent physics, a process that is seamless to the end user. From the design of the equipment that processes food, to the actual manufacturing of food, to the packaging of the final product, even to transportation concerns, the needs of product manufacturers are more demanding than ever. Increasingly, food safety, nutritional value and shelf life are important selling points. And, of course, these improvements need to be made while containing costs.

From geometry creation and editing in equipment design to modeling heat flux and phase change during cooking to performing drop tests for packaging, the ANSYS suite of tools offers an unparalleled depth of technical solutions, providing a multiphysics approach to development in the food and beverage industry’s many sectors.

  • Equipment design
  • Food manufacturing
  • Food safety
  • Heat, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Packaging
Extrusion of visco-elastic food material simulated with ANSYS POLYFLOW: pressure drop between inlet and five outlets, outlet shape computed as part of analysis