CAE Literacy Program

Teaching – 90 hours

Guided/Defined Self Learning – 150+ hours

A powerful program that focuses on 3 essential components of CAE, namely:

  • Engineering Physics
  • Facts of numerical methods
  • Simulation technology

Learning is achieved with strict adherence to Bloom’s Taxonomy and characterized by innovative methods such as:

  • Critical thinking (For innovative engineering judgement)
  • Engineering wheels
  • Ready parameterized hand calculations
  • Emphasis on engineering justification
  • Knowledge summary via memory maps and hand out’s
  • 40 hours of video lectures (Theory and Simulation) available for revision.
  • Detailed competency measurement and mapping

Components of CAE Literacy

Salient Features

  • Initial and final competency assessment to measure the value addition.
  • Each session is summarized via memory maps and hand outs.
  • Scientifically designed assignments to bring about holistic learning with detailed solution discussion.
  • Detailed manual/course material for each phase of learning.
  • Video lectures as Remedial action for non-performing candidates to revise.
  • Final evaluation and industry mapping.
  • Course standardization via detailed manual and train the trainers program.
  • Continuous improvement through course audit for content and feedback.

Course Structure: 4 Step process

Step1: Introduction (awareness& Inspiration)
Step2: Physics essentials for analysts
Step3: Industry relevant simulation case studies
Step4: Final Evaluation