Management Team

Avinash S

A dynamic young engineer has climbed the rungs of the hierarchy with his overwhelming wisdom of both technology and management. He is instrumental fundamentally in establishing structural and CivilFEM departments. He has contributed in developing several modules for technology and management excellence. He also has huge training experience which includes training the top corporate like GE, InfoTech and others. He has guided several UG and PG projects. Currently co-authoring a comprehensive book on product development with CTO.

N. Vaidyanathan

A veteran sales leader with nearly 30+ years of experience in sales, across the width and breath of the country.
His unique approach to sales not only ensures the customer benefits, but also builds strong ANSYS culture. He has also taken ANSYS beyond India, to SAARC countries.Instrumental in selling ANSYS academic software to 1600+ colleges in India, the number is ever growing.

Ganapathi B
Business Operations

Director-Business operations has been relentlessly working to sell the concept of simulation, even to the remotest part of India. This endeavour not only has helped the cause of business, but also the cause of strong engineering culture. ANSYS sales have one more significant dimension, which is installation and health monitoring, which also comes under his purview.

Ganesha HN
Chief Technology Officer

A mechanical engineer with very good exposure and hands-on design, analysis (stress, vibration, and lifing), construction, testing, hand calculations of Gas Turbine engines for civil and defense applications.He has also contributed towards many critical defect investigations and has led many NPI(New Product Introductions) for defense and civil applications, at HAL and QuEST Rolls-Royce. He has contributed significantly towards capability development on advanced topics relevant to Gas turbine namely F& DT, Composites, advanced solid mechanics, bolted and welded joints and on special skill development like Lateral and critical thinking for engineers. He holds National level certificate, UK for Holistic Gas Turbine Design. He has bagged best Trainer award for 2009 with QuEST-Rolls-Royce. He is currently authoring a book called Young Designer’s Manual.  His courses on lateral and engineering critical thinking have been highly sought after both with corporate and academia. He has also authored a book called “Engineering Critical Thinking “ for young practicing engineers and well received both in industry and academia.He is also a visiting faculty to VTU post graduate centre for research for continuum mechanics. Currently authoring a comprehensive book on product development.

C.P. Venkateshwaran
Chief Operating Officer

The success of any business is determined by the well-functioning of all the departments with compliance to process and benchmarked standards. This is a very complex affair as it involves business, technical and HR decisions to be made day-in and day-out. The COO comes with huge experience in managing various engineering teams across disciplines, he himself is a well acknowledged technocrat in the field of computational fluid dynamics and specialises in fuel cell technology.