Networking & Communications

The networking and communications equipment sector develops products including telecom routers and switches, optical networking devices, firewall devices and mobile phone base stations. Engineers face a variety of challenges in thermal, mechanical and electromagnetic disciplines: a continuous increase in component power density, the drive for miniaturization, and reliance on forced-air cooling as the main method of thermal management. Data center thermal challenges extend even further, with the need to manage heat generated by hundreds of servers or telecommunication routers and switches in a confined space. Because of strict electromagnetic emission regulations, engineers must optimize both the system's thermal management and the system's overall electromagnetic emissions. All these challenges exist within a highly competitive industry landscape, with an overall push to reduce power consumption.

In addressing such thermal design, mechanical reliability and electromagnetic compatibility issues, product developers require physics depth and breadth. ANSYS provides unparalleled capabilities in its product suite, which enables innovation in networking and communication electronics design. The accuracy of the ANSYS solution reduces design uncertainty and the need for extensive testing. Productivity advancements enable organizations to shorten the product design cycle as well as reduce development and manufacturing costs.

Electric field pattern around satellite with multi element array