NAFEMS has incepted a massive certification effort and INNOVENT is identified as a significant contributor.

Expert speakers at the event – Mr. S. S. Sastry, Mr. H. N. Ganesha, Dr. S. R. Shankapal and Dr. S. N. Sridhara delineating various aspects of certification


Date: July 6 (Friday), 2012 (2:00 pm)
Venue: Rolls Royce Conventional Hall, The Aeronautical Society of India, Bangalore

Presenter Topic
Dr. K. Elangovan, NAFEMS India Operations Introduction to NAFEMS Activities and a brief insight into NAFEMS EASIT2program
Dr. U. Chandrasekhar, Addl. Director, GTRE- DRDO The Need for Certification for Indian Analysis Sector – Initial thoughts and collated data from industries
Mr. Aslam Adam, Senior General Manager, Mahindra & Mahindra Certification of Young Engineers – Focal Areas: Perspective of Automotive Industry
Mr. S. S. Sastry, Lead Consultant, Infotech Enterprises Certification Requirements in Niche Areas – Aeronautics and Composites Structures
Dr. S. N. Sridhara, Director, KSGI Certification for CFD Professionals – Specific Issues and Functionalities
Mr. H. N. Ganesha, CTO, Innovent Engineering Solutions Critical Thinking Questions for Certification Programs
Dr. S. R. Shankapal, President, MSRSAS Certification Procedures for Senior CAE Practitioners