ANSYS Nexxim Circuit Solver Technology

Transient analysis from the ANSYS Nexxim circuit engine provides transistor level accuracy, robust convergence and large capacity. This allows engineers to create high-speed channel designs that include the driving circuitry as well as the channel. The driving circuitry can be transistor level, IBIS-based or ideal sources. When performing an analysis on these channels a user can select from a variety of analysis types.

  • Transient analysis
  • QuickEye and VerifEye analyses for fast eye generation in high-speed channel design, bathtub curves, jitter, and eye masks
  • Monte Carlo analysis supporting Spectre® and HSPICE® functionality.
  • DC analysis with automated convergence
  • Dynamic links with ANSYS Q3D Extractor and ANSYS SIwave
  • IBIS-AMI analysis and model support

DDR3 simulation performed with DesignerSI, showing DQ, DQS and timing eye patterns.