Power Electronics

The power electronics and industrial equipment industries make wide use of imaging and testing equipment, electric motors and generators, converters, switches, transformers, coils, actuators, sensors and power supplies. Throughout the product design process, engineers in these sectors must meet a number of targets, including improved product efficiency, continuous product miniaturization and higher reliability — all while addressing increased government regulations on electromagnetic emissions and environmental impact.

Power electronics and controller system breakout

Power and industrial equipment design must incorporate electrical, mechanical, fluid and control subsystem concerns into a complex multidisciplinary system. And as power densities increase, there can be significant challenges to the product's thermal and mechanical reliability.

The best engineering simulation tools for this sector incorporate multiple — and integrated — physics. By levering the depth and breadth of ANSYS technology, engineers can conduct comprehensive multiphysics and multiscale simulations, enabling quick and accurate optimization of machinery design, all while meeting mechanical, thermal and electromagnetic constraints. Such simulation-driven product development results in an optimized product design, shorter design cycle, significant cost reduction, and improved product innovation.

ANSYS offers a variety of engineering simulation tools that address industrial equipment and power electronics design challenges.