ANSYS Products

Computer-aided engineering is playing a growing role in higher education in the disciplines of science and engineering. At the undergraduate level, students use engineering simulation to learn physics principles and gain hands-on, real-world experience that can jump-start their careers. At the postgraduate level, researchers apply simulation tools to solve complex application problems. Commercial organizations regularly partner with educational institutions to foster innovative research — sometimes at the basic level — that can lead to breakthrough solutions.

In incorporating engineering simulation into curricula, academic programs face a number of challenges, such as limited budgets (compared to industry), efficient procurement and deployment of tools, and cross-department or cross-campus usage. The bottom line is often measured by how much the tools promote outside-the-box thinking.

The ideal simulation solution is one that scales for application by a wide range of users, from multiple teachers to students to researchers. ANSYS provides a wide range of affordable technologies and services to help meet the growing and diverse needs of academia. Universities, colleges and research institutes around the world turn to ANSYS for high-quality simulation solutions to ensure students receive the best possible education.