Railways & Other Ground Transportation

Exhaust air from a quiet railroad cooling fan.
Courtesy Voith Turbo.

Technology development plays a key role in modernizing railways all over the world. Moreover, these advances are crucial in meeting the increasing demand for high-speed railways in rapidly developing countries, such as China.

Numerical simulation tools from ANSYS have been widely used in railway technology development for many years. As the pace accelerates, the use of ANSYS tools has become even more important: The software can be applied to locomotives, cars, tracks or systems, as it offers detailed models, submodels, and utilities to solve unique design challenges. For example, ANSYS tools are specialized to handle IC engines, turbochargers, power electronics, electric machines, suspension, chassis, and numerous other components and systems.

ANSYS solutions include structural, fluid, thermal,electrical and magnetics solvers as well as system-level tools, all working in unison in a smooth user-friendly workflow. This high-end physics toolset enables railway engineers to speedily explore and test numerous design ideas and make rapid technology advancements.