Renewable Energy

The term renewable energy encompasses an incredibly diverse array of innovative technologies that capitalize on natural sources for power generation. From traditional and new resources — such as biomass, water, wind, sun-powered fuel cells, tidal and wave, and geothermal — renewable energy is playing an ever-increasing role in the global share of electricity generation, as both energy producers and consumers seek to minimize their environmental impacts while balancing real-world financial and efficiency pressures.

In particular, as energy scientists and engineers work to maximize output and minimize costs, they rely on engineering simulation software from ANSYS to develop new renewable energy equipment and improve reliability and performance of exciting systems From testing for the electrochemical performance of a fuel cell stack to optimizing the design of biomass reactors and photovoltaic collectors, ANSYS solutions help to speed the development process, bringing renewable technologies rapidly to market. By minimizing the time, money and other resources invested in physical prototypes and testing, software from ANSYS makes these renewable energy technologies as efficient to develop as they are to use in satisfying the growing global demand for energy.

Application Areas:

  • WindSolar
  • HydropowerFuel Cells
  • Biofuel & Biomass
Tidal turbine CFD simulation