RF and Electromagnetics Products

The RF and Electromagnetic Academic Products consists of two product bundles (high-frequency, or HF, and electromagnetic, or EM) grouped into three terms-of-use subfamilies: Associate, Research and Teaching. Each product bundle delivers the incredible value technology of ANSYS commercial electromagnetics products with pricing and terms of use matched to the requirements of academic researchers and educators.

The ANSYS Academic HF product bundle includes:

It is suitable for high-performance RF, microwave, millimeter-wave device simulation and signal integrity (SI) applications.

The ANSYS Academic EM product bundle includes:

The EM product bundle is intended for the design and simulation of electromechanical devices such as motors, actuators, transformers and other electromagnetic field simulations. The bundle provides multi-domain system simulation capability for the design of mechatronic, power electronic, electromechanical and other systems.