Windshield deflector shape optimization

Two-wheelers, particularly motorcycles, are largely used for recreational purposes throughout most of the world. In developing countries such as China and India, however, they are a major mode of transportation. As these latter two economies rapidly expand, the need for mobility rises; the two-wheeler market is thus experiencing steady double-digit annual growth.

Technology development efforts in this sector are rapidly accelerating. A major focus is emissions control, which has spurred engine-related R&D applications including battery–electric two-wheeled vehicles. 

Technological advancements made in other automotive sectors, such as the car industry, are being applied to two-wheelers. So technology transfer and adaptation are major foci. 

Whether the project involves engine design, emission control technologies, aerodynamics, body, transmission, chassis, electricals and electronics, batteries, or electric powertrains, ANSYS provides tools that come complete with detailed models, submodels and utilities to solve unique design challenges. The software has been validated with decades of use by major car and two-wheeler manufactures around the work.